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Kinesiology is a natural therapy that uses a gentle, non-invasive muscle-monitoring technique to access & restore any imbalances within the body. Incorporating wisdom from Western & Eastern Medicine, it works on assisting your physical, mental, spiritual & emotional body, to bring it back to its natural state of harmony.

Kinesiology can help with:
•Stress  •Physical pains •Energy levels  •Emotional issues  • Reconnecting to your balance •Anxiety  •Past traumas  •Learning difficulties  •Weight management  •Prevention of illness  •Clearing sabotage programs  •Future goals  •Nutritional deficiences  •Muscle/Brain imbalances  •Injuries  •Food allergies  •Optimal health & well-being.

With Me

Choose Your Journey...

Self Awareness

Feeling 'off' and not sure why?
Struggling to juggle life?
Feeling like you need to "push through" but you can't like you use to?
Feeling like your body is physically breaking down on you?

Allow me to assist in guiding you out of the feeling of overwhelm, confusion, and anxiety and into the direction of getting to know the language of yourself. 
Become aware of and change, limiting beliefs and thought patterns.
Release inner conflict and become clear on your future vision.
Create new habits that support this vision and your own health in moving forward.
Awaken or re-connect to your own truth.
"Be-friend" or "re-friend" yourself.

Something needs changing ~ the time is now.

Your Journey Includes :

One session/month for 3 months
1.5 - 2 hour sessions
$120 investment per month- total $360

Self Balance

You hold all answers to your own life, so my intention for you is to hold a safe and welcoming space for you to open up and unravel your own inner wisdom. 
This package is for those who are ready to be open and honest and who are ready to bring about true transformation to their current state of living.
For those who are ready to live with empowerment from knowing themselves on a deeper level.
To connect and allow yourself the focus, awareness, and observation necessary to enable your best self yet.

A journey of truth, release and transformation on all levels. blocks to release.

Your Journey Includes :

One session/fortnight for 3 months (total of 6 sessions)
1.5 hour sessions
$120 investment per fortnight- total $720

Self Mastery

Incorporating the journey of 'Mind/Body Awareness' and 'Mind/Body Balance', this package is about complete Mastery of the Self.

Whilst honouring Mind, Body & Spirit, we will work on releasing and returning to your natural state and desired direction with whatever arises . Together we will dive deeper into bringing awareness into changing your current stresses, and maintaining their adherence. We may also discover any suppressed pain or emotion, allowing you to understand why it was created, its message, and to help prevent any possible repetitive unhealthy patterns. 

This package includes an introduction to the Self, learning the unique language of your own body, and understanding your mind and how it creates your reality.

Find peace, direction, calmness and clarity in your life.

Create and put in place boundaries, increase your vibration and nurture your soul without the burdern of guilt.
Escape the numbness of depression or the cycle of habitual motions that maybe keeping you trapped in your current circumstances.

This package includes an introduction to the Self, learning the unique language of your own body, and understanding your mind and how it creates your reality.
Your Journey Includes :

Fortnightly sessions over 6 months (total 12 sessions)
1.5 hr sessions
$100 investment per fortnight- total $1200

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Let's Work Together​​
Our sessions will be face to face at my clinic in Toowoomba, or via skype.

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I love creating interactive workshops and programs for businesses, schools, fitness groups, communities and more. 
Sharing mindfulness tools, self-help exercises and programs that support you and your community or workplace to become healthier, more fulfilled and productive is what Im passionate about.
I have had the beautiful experience of facilitating numerous workshops, speaking at wellness events, community health days, in businesses and more. 
Please email me at  if you would like to create a package for your community / business.

If you would like to collaborate with me, I would LOVE to hear what you have in mind. I am all about the mind / body relationship, connecting with others and supporting each other on this journey.

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Looking forward to sharing this journey with you!